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Lashes & Brows

*A patch test is required at least 48hrs prior to tinting or lash lift treatment.

Eyebrow shape (waxing & or tweezing) £13 - 20 mins
Eyebrow tint £10 - 15 mins
Eyebrow shape & tint £19 - 35 mins
Eyelash tint £17 - 30 mins
Brow by Mii treatment £30 - 45-60 mins
Eyelash lift & tint £45 - 60-70 mins
Eyelash Lift & Tint

£45 – 60 mins

This treatment lifts the natural lashes from the root opening the eye giving the illusion of longer lifted, curlier lashes, finishing with a colour boosting tint it really makes the most of your natural lashes. Suitable for long and short lashes, this treatment lasts 6-10 weeks depending on your natural lash.

Eyelash Lift & Tint
Brow by Mii

£30 – 45-60 mins

Each personalised Brow by Mii treatment will begin with an in depth consultation. We will look at your face shape, your natural brow and the appearance you hope to achieve, to create a look that works beautifully.

What happens during the treatment?

After your consultation, a combination of tinting (from a choice of shades), waxing and finishing techniques will be used to sculpt your look.

I’ve over plucked my brows in the past can I still have a treatment?

Yes absolutely. Even if your brows are slow to grow or seem to not grow at all, we can recommend a course of treatments to help you achieve a solution you are comfortable with. We will also show you how to use makeup to fill out your brows while you wait for your hair to grow in.

Will I get my ideal brows straight away?

It depends entirely on your natural eyebrows and the look you would like to achieve. Some brows will require a growing period between appointments and may take a few treatments to reach their full potential.

How do I know that I will like the result?

We want you to feel confident, so not only will you be in the hands of a professionally trained Brow by Mii stylist, you will be consulted through each step of the process.

Do I need to do anything to prepare for the treatment?

You will need to visit your salon for a patch test at least 24 (preferably 48) hours before your appointment – this is free of charge and takes just a few minutes. We also ask that you resist the temptation to tweeze any stray hairs for at least 2 weeks before your treatment.

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