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My Story

Like a lot of teenage girls I was very fashion conscious and I loved experimenting with hair and makeup.

It came as quite a shock at 13 years old after sunning myself in the garden to find large white patches had appeared around my mouth on my then tanned face.

After a visit to the Doctors it was confirmed that I had developed an auto immune condition called Vitiligo where the body attacks the Melanin (pigment) in the skin causing patches of skin to turn white and not able to tan. With no successful treatment available I was referred to the Red Cross at my local hospital who taught me how to apply colour matched camouflage makeup to my face to disguise the Vitiligo.

This helped with my confidence especially as my Vitiligo was spreading. I became quite the expert at applying makeup often getting compliments on it.

Having always enjoyed looking after and helping people, along with my growing interest in skin and beauty I decided to pursue a career in the Beauty Industry. At 19 years old I trained at the Rogene School of Beauty in Ilford. The training was hard work as it was so in depth, but I loved it and became a qualified Beauty Therapist.

Over the next few years I worked as a mobile therapist and in a local salon in Leigh on Sea, Essex.

After meeting my husband and moving to Danbury my life took a different path when we decided to start a family.

A few years after my third child was born, I started to think about working again. With all the experience and confidence gained over the years, some refresher courses, training in new treatments, I set my business up again this time from home, working around my family.

The best thing about planning my business this time, was that I had gained a good feel for how I wanted my salon to be. I’d visited various salons for treatments over the years, some of them good experiences and some of them not! I now had a clear idea of what I wanted my salon to be like and what I didn’t!

With the help of the internet I was able to research the best brands for me to use and retail in my salon. Just because it was going to be a home salon I wasn’t going to compromise on standards and quality.

Today I am more passionate than ever about the treatments I offer and am always looking at ways to improve my service and skills.

Living with a skin condition (Vitiligo) myself has helped me to have empathy with my clients along with their skin and body concerns.

No one is perfect, we all have our own skin and body worries. I’d like to think that a visit to my salon can make my clients feel more confident in themselves, and at the same time feel relaxed and pampered.

Hopefully I will see you in my salon one day to see for yourself.

Sarah x

Training and Qualifications

International Therapy Examination Council

ITEC Electrology Diploma 1995
ITEC Aestheticinne Diploma 1994
ITEC Physiatrics Diploma 1994

Gerrard International

Jessica Geleration 2016
Jessica Manicure 2016
Jessica Zenspa 2016
Brow by Mii 2017

Kim Lawless (The Wax Queen)

Brazilian Waxing 2016

Eve Taylor London

Professional Skin Care 2016
Skin Profile Analysis 2018

Shared Beauty Secrets

Lava Shell Relax Massage 2017

Essex Beauty Training School

Luxury Facials 2016
Luxury Manicure and Pedicure 2016
Lash Lift 2016
Waxing 2016
Indian Head Massage 2018

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