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Beauty Bank
Indulge and relax at the Beauty Bank by Sarah
A Danbury based beauty room in the heart of Essex, offering a range of personalised treatments designed to enhance and revitalise the natural you.
Our Treatments

Our Treatments

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My story

Like a lot of teenage girls, I was very fashion conscious and I loved experimenting with hair and makeup. So, it came as quiet a shock at 13 years old after sunning myself in the garden one day to find large white patches had appeared around my mouth, on my then tanned face.

After a visit to the Doctors it was confirmed that I had developed an auto immune condition called Vitiligo where the body attacks the Melanin (pigment) in the skin causing patches of skin to turn white and not able to tan. With no successful treatment available I was referred to the Red Cross at my local hospital who taught me how to apply colour matched camouflage makeup to my face to disguise the Vitiligo.

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